Kay Community Service Center’s “Philosophy Of Functioning” is best expressed in its service goals that address the needs of developmentally disabled persons in achieving their highest potential of function under the least restrictive conditions possible. Our programs are directed toward promoting the earliest physical, mental, and social mediation, habilitation, and enhancement for those lagging in the developmental processes. The advancement of handicapped adults to develop a maximum level of independence in the community is our objective. Severely disabled persons are trained toward their maximum level of self-sufficiency. At appropriate ages, vocational competencies are developed and support is given for job placement in meaningful work in the community. All programs in this Center are focused on preparing developmentally disabled persons to eventually function as respected and responsible adults in humanistic, social and interpersonal roles within our free society. The goals and objectives of the Center include the following:

1. We work towards providing our Consumers with services that best suit their individual needs, therefore, there will be an open communication policy with families, guardians and/or authorized representatives. We desperately need and solicit input and feedback from parents, guardians, home providers and/or authorized representatives.

   a. Parents, guardians and authorized representatives are encouraged to visit without prior notice. For those Consumers who have a record of being disrupted by visits, we request that visits be limited and coordinated with the Director or Assistant Director upon arrival.

  b. We will assist in the transition of our Consumers to work, shopping, community outings, doctor’s appointments etc.

  c. We will assist the parent/guardian, teacher/V. R. Counselor or on-the-job trainer in providing for the management and developmental needs of the Consumers.

   d. We will provide follow-up and outreach services as needed within the limits of our authority.

2. We strive to assist our Consumers to be integrated in the community to the maximum extent possible, consistent with their internal comfort and individual needs.

3. We strive to assist each Consumers develop to the maximum of their individual capability in a setting and program that is as normalizing as possible.

4. We want our Consumers to participate in and be accepted by society.

  a. We will continuously inform the public of the needs, rights, and capabilities of our retarded/developmentally disabled Consumers in a constructive and understanding manner.

  b. We will insure that the rights of our Consumers are properly considered and protected in all of our Center activities and programs.

5. We endeavor to hire staff that is capable of meeting the needs outlined in our philosophy.

  a. Ethical standards of professional conduct shall be applied at Kay Center at all times. (Re: Policy 102)

  b. We will provide on-going training for all members of staff in order to meet Kay Center goals and objectives.

  c. Each new staff member and volunteer will receive orientation in the philosophy of the Center, nature of mental retardation, policies, and procedures.

   d. Each member of staff will have a written job description and will receive periodic information and reports on the quality of his/her performance. e. We want each member of staff to strive to insure that the needs of the Consumers are our first consideration.

6. We endeavor to promote and maintain good public relations.

   a. We will insure that all members of staff and volunteers are aware of the effects of their actions on our public image.

   b. We will utilize radio, television, news media, civic clubs and other appropriate avenues to convey a positive image of Kay Center.

   c. We will not allow the handicaps of our Consumers to be exploited or used in a manner that could harm their dignity, violate their individual rights or makes them feel uncomfortable.



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